Site Preparation

New Construction Site Preparation

Before any commercial construction or residential development can begin, there are a few steps to follow to prepare the site. Approaching every detail with care, even down to pre-construction steps such as these, signals professionalism. It can mean all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful final project. CF Excavating is a Skagit County-based company…


How Inclement Weather Impacts Excavation Projects

Extreme weather conditions have the ability to curveball events of various kinds. Poor weather may be a reason to cancel any outdoor event. However, the stakes are much greater when it comes to construction plans. Excavation delays as a result of unforeseen conditions have an effect on critical paths and the budget of a project….

Site Preparation

Important Land Clearing Considerations

The initial step of any development requires getting rid of the old to make space for the new. For construction, this includes removing any vegetation and landmarks on the plot to allow the necessary building activities to take place. As a landowner, you will know that clearing a plot of land isn’t as simple as…