Utilities Services 

The installation of utility services is essential for any development in the modern-day world. If you choose to build a home or development within a suburban area, the odds are that these basic underground services will already be there.  

But, if you’re developing in an underdeveloped area, you may need to arrange to install your own basic underground services. The quality of these utility services is dependent on skilled, specialized, and experienced workers committed to precision and excellence. Our team at CF Excavation can offer you exactly that! 

From excavation and site prep to demolition and utilities, we can do it all. With our experienced team, CF Excavation can help you with all your utility needs. 

CF Excavating Utilities Services  

Utilities services (often referred to as “mains” or “basic services”) are commonly installed underground. This protects them from weathering and accidental damage. Each basic service then connects the respective house network to the nearest municipal line.  

Each service installation and excavation requires expertise to perform a quality job. Water, sewer, power, stormwater/ drainage, and septic tank installations are some of the most important and common of these services. So, it’s important that you choose the right team to get the job done! 

Utlities Installation and Services - CF Excavating

Water Service

In developed areas, when mains are installed, there is an underground valve known as a “curb-stop” installed at the ends of a water lateral. This allows for further connections and extensions to the service in the future.  

When connecting to the municipal water mains, pipes (typically copper or PVC piping) will connect the curb-stop to the piping network in the development. In buildings, this is what gives you water on-demand.  

Sewer Service

Sewer pipes run underground from your home or building to connect to the network under the street to the municipal sewer mains. Eventually, they lead to the local plant that treats the wastewater.  

The system is usually gravity-driven. This is so that the water will rush downhill from your development into the larger municipal collection pipes. The pipes collect all the unwanted water from your home or building. This includes the water from toilet flushes, sinks, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines. 

Power Service

The main sources of power come from company-owned electrical power plants or as natural gas provided by the municipality. 

Unlike the other services, the connections to electrical utility lines are done above ground by way of a “pad-mount transformer”. This is a storage box that is tamper-proof and kept locked.  

High-voltage electrical lines are extremely dangerous. So, these boxes are necessary to avoid any major mishaps. They also allow for easy maintenance by professionals who have access and permission to open the box.  

An electrical company supplies the electricity from the power plant to your development. After this, a licensed electrician should do all the electrical installation work within the development. 

When dealing with a natural gas power supply, you would need to install and connect pressurized pipes. Similarly to the water mains, the gas network comprises pipes with valves that can open and close. This connects or disconnects your development’s network from the larger gas network.  

Storm Sewer/Drainage

Rain in cities and developed areas with concrete or impermeable surfaces can cause flooding if there’s nowhere for the water to go. The build-up of stormwater can be a huge problem!  

Stormwater and drainage services provide solutions to this. Proper drainage systems can collect stormwater and flush it out of developed areas by roadside drains and underground pipes. With infiltration trenches in the right places on your property, you can allow water to filter into the ground and prevent flooding.  

Communications Service

For all your computer, internet, and telephone cables, it is important to create proper pathways. Underground cable construction requires skill and experience to ensure it is done right depending on the land and area.  

Licensed Septic Installer

Installing a septic tank on your property means that instead of flushing unwanted water from your home, you can treat it onsite at the source. After treatment, this water may then be recycled to other uses. 

Installation services of onsite septic tanks require specialized training. This means that you need to hire a licensed professional to perform the installation.  

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Whether you’re needing to excavate to install drainage systems, electrical lines, or connect water services to your home, CF Excavation is here to help you get the job done.  

As experts in the excavation industry, we at CF Excavation have sufficient insight into the requirements of site development. This makes us the perfect partner and service provider to cater to all your excavating inquiries and needs. 

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