Demolition Services

Tearing down the old to make space for the new is traditionally the motivation for any demolition service. Demolition includes the destruction, breaking down, or removal and disposal of existing structures on a construction site that is soon-to-be developed in a safe and constructive manner.  

The existing structures may include buildings, driveways, concrete, landscaping, and other utilities. If you want to remove these, there are some specific processes for each, which is exactly what we can help with.  

At CF Excavation, our team of professionals can handle all your demolition needs safely and reliably. So, if you need to get rid of any old structures and utilities to make space for your new development, you’ve come to the right place! 

What Does The Demolition Process Involve? 

Although it may not seem like it, there is much more to demolishing existing infrastructure than just using a bulldozer and excavator to knock out all the buildings in sight.  

There are specific steps to follow in order to ensure a safe demolition.   

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The 4 Steps To Demolition

Surveying: This involves analyzing the structure and its surroundings to make an informed demolition plan. Surveying consists of two types – building surveying and structural surveying. 

Removal of unsafe materials and components: It’s important to remove all dangerous substances, like asbestos, before any demolition begins.

Planning the procedure: This step involves planning all the different activities and processes that need to occur in the demolition. These can range from the building location, structural support, and waste management plan to the actual demolition process. 

Safety measures: It’s crucial to follow all health and safety protocols during the demolition process. 

It’s very common to demolish and remove old buildings to make space for new buildings. Buildings have lifespans determined by their design and when they exceed this mark, they can become hazards. Thus, it’s time to replace them with new developments, and that’s where we come in.  

Our CF Excavation team is well-trained in all the necessary procedures and safety guidelines involved in demolition. We will demolish your existing buildings according to code so you can count on us to make this process run smoothly. 

Removal & Disposal Of Existing Structures 

Dismantling and Removal

Before we can remove any existing structures, we need to demolish them and remove all the rubble left behind. 

There are two methods of demolition: non-explosive demolition (controlled demolition) and explosive demolition. In many cases, the use of controlled, mechanical demolition is suitable. For small jobs, we can use jackhammers or other hand-operated tools. But, for bigger jobs, we’ll need to bring in the heavy machinery and bulldozers to break down the structure.  

Explosives can be used to break-up sizable structures. But, in cases where excess dust, noise, and the risk of damaging the surroundings are a problem, dismantling the structure mechanically is the better choice.   

At CF Excavation, we always evaluate the options to make sure that we remove the existing structure in the best and most effective way possible. Whether you want to remove buildings, houses, driveways, or concrete structures, we can make sure that no trace is left on your land.  

Debris Disposal

After the demolition, we need to dispose of the debris. Depending on the materials, we can either relocate the debris or use it onsite. If the development involves underground infrastructure, we can use it to fill the excavation cavities to level the site and provide a sturdy base for development.  

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Utility Abandonment & Removal 

An abandoned utility is a service that is out-of-use or hasn’t been used for a long period of time. They can lie above the ground, such as an old fueling station, or underground, such as decommissioned water, sewer, communication, or electrical lines.  

Removing these services requires a process to ensure that the service or utility is in fact abandoned and that we can remove it. This will include a consultation to confirm the approval of removal by the client and the utility’s legal owner.  

The removal of abandoned utilities can be quite a process. Luckily, CF Excavation can help guide you through it. We know the ins and outs of these operations and, once approved, we can remove the utilities safely. 

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The demolition of structures and buildings is a technical and potentially hazardous process. It involves extensive measures to ensure the health and safety of all workers on site. As such, these services should be left to the professionals. If you need to demolish a structure or abandoned utility, CF Excavation is here to help you get the job done.  

We can take care of all your demolition, excavating, site prep, grading, and more to ensure that your site is ready for development in no time.  

At CF Excavation, we are committed to efficiency and performance. So, if you need professional demolition and excavating services, be sure to contact us today for more information.